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Tumbledown (2013)   weBBewertung ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Thematik: schwul
Laufzeit: 1h 20min
DVD-VÖ: 27. September 2013
FSK 16


Brad Hallowell (Rick) ♂♂
Brett Faulkner (Mike)
Todd Verow (Jay)

Candice Hill (Doctor)
Erica LaChance (Lady)

Regie: Todd Verow
Drehbuch: Brad Hallowell, Todd Verow

Als Blondschopf Mike (Brett Faulkner) und sein athletischer Partner Jay den aufgeschlossenen Barkeeper Rick zu einem Wochenende in den Bergen einladen, beginnt ein explosiver Cocktail aus Lust, Drogen und Alkohol - eine emotionale Achterbahnfahrt durch die dunklen Seiten der Sexualität.
  "Sure, the end product is far from five star material, with Verow yet again coming so close to delivering a more rewarding and if anything, darker feature. But that said, there's equally a lot to like here, including some lush cinematography of Tumbledown Mountain, Maine in all of its breathtaking beauty. Above all however, this is solid gay to the core filmmaking, proudly showcasing same-sex love in all of its naked glory, complete as-it-is with a large slice of full frontal nudity, in this instance notably by Verow himself."

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